Hope Week is March 31- April 7 for all ages. Hope Week will be composed of many different mission projects of all types in the Greer area. We will be partnering local organizations and others for the projects. Sign up for what you can and where your passions are! There will be a worship rally for all volunteers on Good Friday, Friday night March 30th where you can pick up your free Hope Week Shirt and meet your Project Host. Children 10 and younger must be accompanied by an adult to participate.



Victor & Needmore Basketball Camp

Come help teach kids in our Victor community Basketball skills while showing them the love of Jesus. This camp will teach kids basic skills where we can build lifelong relationships with the next generation! Come serve with us!

Laundromat Ministry
Serve others in our community by blessing them with a free load of laundry and building relationships with them. This is an optimal time to build relationships with others while blessing them.

Hope In Hospitals
Come minister and give hope to those who need it most. Build relationships and show Jesus’ love to those at different Hospitals and nursing homes. Brighten their day by praying for them and giving them Hope. You will meet in the Fellowship Hall at Fairview before being sent out!

Hope Baskets
Come make Hope Baskets with us in the fellowship hall. These small baskets will be full of different items that spread hope to the recipients. We will assemble these baskets in the fellowship hall and then go out in our city and deliver them. We will deliver them to local businesses and restaurants. We will also use these baskets for our Hospital ministry. Come serve with us as this is a huge need for Hope Week.

2018 Hope Week Egg Drop
Come serve the community with us at Dooley Field as we drop over 20k eggs on the field for the biggest Easter Egg Hunt you have ever seen. This will be an incredible opportunity to love the community and serve them as Hope Wee comes to a close. There will be many different serving areas at this event and will be divided up once you get there. Let’s end Hope Week 2018 in an epic way the Greer community will never forget!

Check back for more projects to be added!