Hope Weekend 2019

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Thank you for your interest in the second of two Hope Weekends for 2019. God has opened many doors for us where we can join Him where he is working. In the following list of opportunities to serve, there are a few maintenance type projects where we can come alongside a ministry to support them, but there are many whereby we can not only live out our love for God, but we can “Love People” too! But before you get anxious about what this might mean, please let me assure you these are things most of you have done many times – just maybe not in these settings. As you remember, many times we feel God’s leadership to “go”, and we go to be a blessing somehow to others. However, after we leave, we are somehow certain we were blessed more than the person we went to see. So, as you sign up for places to serve, many will be praying for you as you go. Praying that the people you come in contact with will understand the hope that you have within you that produces a joy and peace through the power of the Spirit.

And here’s a note about T-Shirts. If you have a Hope Week t-shirt from our first Hope Weekend this year, please pull it out of the back of the closet and wear it again. But if you do not have a Hope Week shirt, please sign up to get one. We ask for a $5.00 donation if you get one, however if a burden to your budget right now, please do not worry at all, that cost will be covered for you – we are grateful for your willingness to serve! Here is the list of service opportunities: