Discipleship Classes

These classes meet on Wednesday evenings and offer different options for you to dig deeper and grow in your walk with Christ.


Discerning The Voice of God

Led by Mary Benefield in Room 115

7 weeks

Cost: $13

Minor Prophets Part I

Starts January 10th, 7-8 pm, Room 116

Led by Dr. Randall Pannel, Come learn about the role the minor prophets played in the history of Israel. The 12 minor prophets tell a considerable amount about what will take place in the future and give us just as much information about the coming of the Messiah as the “major” prophets do. The job of the prophet is not just to tell the future.  Instead, a prophet’s job is actually just to speak for God.  Some of this takes the place in predicting the future but often it is just a matter of warning of impending judgment.

6 weeks

Cost: Free

James by Francis Chan

Starts January 10th, 6:30pm, Room 120

Led by Sue Stokley

12 weeks

Cost: Free