Senior Adults Ministry

Fairview provides an active ministry for our Seniors. We value what they have done for our church over the years and want to repay them for their years of service. Many of these people have served as Deacons and Sunday School teachers for decades.

During the year, the seniors are provided chances for other activities including both one day and multi-night trips. All seniors are honored annually in May with recognition and meal provided by the church. A supper is held once a year where the seniors are treated to home-made Oyster and Brunswick stew. Our seniors are actively involved in Retired Men’s Brotherhood, Women’s Missionary Groups as well as Sunday School Groups.

The Young At Heart group meets once a month on the second Tuesday of the Month. The meeting includes a meal and a program for our seniors.

Ministries to our Seniors
These ministries are performed by lay leaders in our church.
Want to become involved? Do your see a need? Ask a pastor to help you get involved with a ministry or start a new ministry.

Alpha Health and Rehabilitation
This ministry provides Sunday School for residents of Alpha Health and Rehabilitation. The services begin at 11:00 AM and are coordinated by Danny Philips.

Homebound Ministry
This ministry provides Sunday School for our members who are homebound and cannot attend church. We make monthly visits to encourage and share the latest Sunday School and devotional materials. Contact the church office at 877-1881 if you have someone you would like us to include in this ministry.

Wednesday Morning Bible Study
This ministry provides Wednesday Bible study for our members and others who do not drive at night. The services are held in the church building at 10:00 AM and are coordinated by Danny Philips. He leads a Bible study and prayer time for the prayer needs of our church and those attending.